Variation in the testicular artery A case presentation


Abstract: Variations in the gonadal arteries are due to their embryological origin which is very complex process. Vasculature of kidneys and gonads is derived from the lateral mesonephric branches of dorsal aorta. The gonads descend during development, but the origin of the gonadal arteries becomes fixed at the third of fourth lumbar level. During routine dissection of posterior abdominal viscera, on right side we found that the testicular artery arises from the upper surface of right renal artery. Just on lateral side of right testicular artery, segmental renal artery arises which enters the upper pole of the right kidney and this segmental renal artery gives rise to the inferior suprarenal artery. On left side testicular artery arises as the branch of abdominal aorta near the junction of aorta and left renal artery. Various types of variations are found around the kidney. Multiple vascular variations near the hilum of the kidney can create confusion during renal transplant surgery and also increases the chances of the vascular injuries. So, knowledge of variations of perirenal vessels is important.

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