Accessory left renal artery and polycystic kidney

Veereshkumar TM, Vivek Kumar, Nisha Yadav

Anatomical variations in the origin of the arteries in the abdominal area are very common. The arteries that show frequent variations include the coeliac trunk, renal and gonadal arteries. During a routine dissection of a male cadaver, one accessory left renal artery supplying polycystic kidney was found in the abdominal region. We discovered that the accessory left renal artery that originated from the left anterolateral aspect of abdominal aorta was running into the lower pole of the left kidney. The origin of the main left renal artery and the accessory left renal artery were 10mm and 12mm below the superior mesenteric artery, respectively. The accessory left renal artery run sinuously into the inferior pole of the left kidney associated with polycystic kidney disease, these anatomical variations and anomalies are important to know before any therapeutic or diagnostic procedures to be performed in the abdominal area.

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