A Morphometric Study of the Vertebral Body in Dry Human Typical Thoracic Vertebrae


Abstract: Background: Majority of studies in the past aboutmorphometry of thoracic vertebrae mainly focused on pedicle diameters and their angulations. The vertebral body were not studied or only little importance was given to them. Taking into account the complex nature of thoracic spine, the present study has given importance to the morphometry of vertebral body. Objective: To measure the various dimensions of vertebral body in typical thoracic vertebrae. Material and methods: Two hundred dry human typical thoracic vertebrae of undetermined gender and age were selected for the study. The various parameters of vertebral body were measured. Results: The anteroposterior distance of the vertebral body in typical thoracic vertebrae ranged from 12.36 - 31.26 mm with a mean of 20.78+/-3.36 mm. The transverse diameter of the vertebral body ranged from 22.16 - 35.52 mm with a mean of 27.02+/-2.06 mm. The vertebral body width ranged from 20.36 - 47.76 mm with a mean of 25.49+/-2.59 mm. The anterior height of the body ranged from 12.16 - 24.72 mm with a mean of 17.17+/-1.65 mm. The posterior height of the body ranged from 14.04 - 26.28 mm with a mean of 18.27+/-1.64 mm. Conclusion: The results provide a comprehensive database for more accurate modelling and design of vertebral body implants and instrumentations for Indian population.

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